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Centennial Realty Advisors Background

The management team of Centennial Realty Advisors has a long and successful track record. We have completed transactions in virtually every major U.S. market.

We have focused on the Denver market through the majority of our careers, honing our skills with LaSalle Partners (now Jones Lang LaSalle). The combination of our broad experience and local market knowledge forms the backbone of a firm uniquely qualified to take advantage of real estate opportunities in Colorado.


Our Management Approach

Centennial Realty Advisors manages property as if it were the owner, developing a unique strategic plan for each property in our portfolio based on its strengths and weaknesses and the owner’s objectives. We add value by improving operations, upgrading the rent roll, repositioning the property and mitigating risk.

We know how expensive it is to replace tenants, so tenant retention is always our top priority. We create a long-term plan for every one of a property’s key tenants with the objective of maintaining cash flow and maximizing value.

For the past three decades, the professionals at Centennial have developed and refined a set of management systems that form the foundation for our approach to property management. We do the basics extremely well, but go well beyond standard budgets, preventive maintenance plans and emergency procedures.

Maximizing Value For Every Client

Centennial prides itself in proactive management, a talented and experienced team, and an approach focused on enhancing the value of every client’s investment.

For Our Property Management Clients, We:

Create ARGUS models for each property to evaluate the potential impact of strategic decisions.
Constantly evaluate new technology to improve operations, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Six Centennial team members are certified LEED AP.
Continually practice our emergency response tactics so we are prepared to act quickly and effectively if the need arises.
Always treat our tenants as customers.

Our Experience Includes:

Square Feet of Developed Properties
Dollars In Value of Properties Asset Managed
Square Feet of Managed Properties
Square Feet in Negotiated Leases